From the experience of its research laboratories, MABER has created Saddle Care, a product line for saddle and horse tack care.

Thanks to its technological knowledge of leather and hides, MABER has developed products

for the cleaning and preservation of leather without altering its aspect.

Our continuous research aims at studying and developing new products, in order to offer to our customers specific solutions which are designed to satisfy their needs.



Our research and development laboratories work continuously to increase our quality standards, in order to satisfy and create innovative and specific products.

Made in Italy

This product line has been designed and created in our R&D laboratories in Italy. We believe that the know-how and the knowledge we acquired through the years can make our products unique and can add also a surplus value.


Our company is constantly focused on the research and on the improvement of our production methods, thus we can be ready for the new challenges of the market and satisfy our customers’ requests.